Hybrid Storage for NAS & iSCSI

The NST5000 is Nexsan’s line of Hybrid Storage systems offering NAS, iSCSI or both (Fibre soon). The NST5000 uses Nexsan’s FASTier® technology to provide the speed of solid-state at the price of spinning disk. FASTier intelligently and automatically moves data through solid-state and spinning disk in-concert for up to 10X performance over traditional disk storage. The net result is a radical new cost-per-I/O to speed your virtual and cloud environments.

For high performance and high capacity NAS or iSCSI application requirements, Nexsan’s hybrid of solid-state accelerated SATA provides high IOPS with high capacity for file services and more. For applications with the heaviest I/O requirements, Nexsan’s hybrid of solid-state accelerated SAS provides paradigm-shifting levels of storage price performance for server and desktop virtualization, databases and cloud computing. Your applications will run faster than ever on a system operating at the price of spinning disk.

FASTier™ acceleration technology: DRAM + Solid State + Spinning Disk = Superior Price/Performance

Nexsan has addressed the SSD vs. spinning disk dilemma by combining the best of both for a high-performance, high capacity platform. The NST5000 is highly flexible and delivers block and file system interfaces in a variety of configurations. The Hybrid Storage system leverages a mixture of DRAM, NVRAM and SSD to optimize both read and write performance. By using these memory technologies in a sophisticated caching architecture, the NST5000 is able to deliver high performance, over 54,000 IOPS, for as low as $.65 / GB, with overall capacities of over a petabyte.

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