What is Crossroads StrongBox?

StrongBox is the ultimate storage solution for unstructured data. StrongBox® is a NAS appliance that provides online, near-line & archive storage for unstructured data while simplifying data management and protection. Combining flexible, policy-driven disk storage with Linear Tape File System (LTFS) technology, StrongBox empowers users to control storage expenses without sacrificing performance or adding complexity. […]

StrongBox Archive

StrongBox is a network attached storage (NAS) appliance that is purpose-built to lower the costs of long-term storage and protection for unstructured, fixed content. By pairing a flexible, policy-driven disk cache with Linear Tape File System (LTFS) technology, StrongBox empowers you to control storage costs without sacrificing data availability. The StrongBox® DataManager is a complementary software […]

Data Archive with LTFS

Crossroads Systems has developed a storage appliance leveraging the LTFS standard, which has been getting a lot of attention lately. StrongBox is an enterprise NAS gateway that writes to LTO-5/LTO-6 tape media and operates at the file level, giving users access to a network share with a disk experience while drastically reducing the storage, power, and […]