StrongBox is a network attached storage (NAS) appliance that is purpose-built to lower the costs of long-term storage and protection for unstructured, fixed content.

By pairing a flexible, policy-driven disk cache with Linear Tape File System (LTFS) technology, StrongBox empowers you to control storage costs without sacrificing data availability.

The StrongBox® DataManager is a complementary software enhancement to the StrongBox archive appliance that provides transparent file movement (migration or copying) from primary storage systems, such as NetApp, Linux, Windows, Novell, and other CIFS/NFS file servers, into the StrongBox archive.

Protect and preserve data with long-term reliability

Storage is fundamental, but ensuring that data can be retrieved is key to a successful IT infrastructure. StrongBox protects data on multiple fronts so that you can be confident that data written to the archive is recoverable in time of need.

Build a sustainable active archive

StrongBox is the turnkey solution component for active archive architectures in which your archival data remains available without high operating costs or bogging down network resources. StrongBox is energy efficient to help you meet Green IT initiatives, not to mention reduces your cost for power by up to 95 percent.

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