Unitrends offers:

  1. Cost Effective Capacity-Based Model & Simple Pricing – No hidden fees and no-limits appliance licensing coupled with flexible UEB software licensing models
  2. Lowest Total Cost of Ownership through a broad and cost effective family of all-in-one appliances
  3. 12 Granular Physical Appliances Supporting 0.4TB – 50TB Maximum Backup
  4. Instant Recovery: Physical On- and Off-Host Plus Unitrends Enterprise Backup 7.3 on/off on replication target as well
  5. Unlimited Integrated Cloud – Storage and Replication to Private/Unitrends Public Cloud
  6. Integrated Archiving: disk, tape, NAS, SAN – Rotational or Fixed
  • Ninty- Eight percent customer satisfaction rating
  • Unlimited cloud
  • Hardware/software solutions for physical, virtual and cloud IT environments
  • Not top forget, the Unitrends 100% capacity guarantee

Currently Unitrends is extending a “Special Offer to Symantec Backup Exec Customers” interested to switch to Unitrends.

To learn more about this promotion and Unitrends hardware and software offerings, please call Sunstar Company (800) 663-5523 or contact us online.