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Archive offerings

Older data that is still important and necessary for future reference, as well as data that must be retained for regulatory compliance are kept, indexed in order to be easily located.

The process of moving data that is no longer actively used to a separate data storage device for long-term retention.

  • Nexsan : The Nexsan Assureon™ is an archive system that is ideal for primary storage optimization, regulatory and corporate compliance, and the secure, long-term retention of files. Assureon offloads data from primary storage to free up space for active data and greatly reduces the size, cost and complexity of backups.
  • StrongBox from Crossroads: A network-attached storage (NAS) appliance that is purpose-built to provide online data access, massive scalability, and reliable protection for unstructured, fixed data. Lowest TCO.
  • SpectraLogic : Large-scale, long-term storage and archive solutions utilizing automated tape libraries and disk systems will protect your data efficiently and securely.
  • dternity:  Dternity is Fujifilm’s new deep storage solution. Dternity, a truly holistic approach to archiving, lives inside your pre-existing systems to provide a simplified and streamlined data storage experience. Dternity’s ease-of-use and empowered workflow allow organizations to focus on managing their data, as opposed to becoming encumbered by it. Dternity provides both on-site and online peace of mind for the preservation and protection of your data.
  • IBM : The IBM portfolio includes tape drives and libraries that take advantage of LTF along with numerous disk solutions.
  • Overland Storage : Long term archiving of your data with a series of tape libraries.
  • Unitrends : Unitrends D2D2x (Disk-to-Disk-to-Any) offerings include the ability to archive and perform disaster recovery from disk, tape, NAS, SAN and cloud.

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