Hybrid Storage

Blending flash-based solid state disk and hard disk drives to provide high performance at an affordable price seems to be a trend in the marketplace today.  It seems as if every vendor offers a solution that meets this criteria. Bear in mind these systems are not the typical SAN storage arrays with a couple of SSD […]

Nexsan E Series

Looking for that perfect SAN? Is there such a solution? Consider  The Nexsan E-Series V storage arrays and expansion units offer mid-size organizations affordable enterprise-level Fibre Channel, SAS and/or iSCSI SAN storage used for a variety of capacity-optimized and performance-driven applications. E60VT (360 TB in 4U) E48VT (288 TB in 4U) E32V (38.4 TB in […]

VDI Boot Storms can be a pain.

    Deploying Flash Storage for VDI Keeping users productive and satisfied is critical to the success of any VDI deployment. Solving this problem can be easily achieved by implementing a solid flash solution – Kaminanrio’s K2. Kaminario’s K2’s consistent low latency and predictable high IOPS/throughput deliver responsive virtual desktops and ensures both IT and […]

Unitrends backup for small to medium sized business.

BACKUP, ARCHIVING, INSTANT RECOVERY & DISASTER RECOVERY All-in-One Backup Appliance:   Availble from Sunstar Company, these Unitrends Appliances are super reliable, easy to use and with a rich set of features. Let us assiste you? The Unitrends is a simple backup solution to install and in no time your 1st backup will be in effect. […]

Performance SAN Storage with 2½” Drives

      Reliable High Density Storage Arrays Turbocharged for High Performance. The Nexsan E32V 32 x 2½”  Drives in 3U, Single or Dual Controller SAN, Active / Active Controllers Innovative ease-of-use functionality makes deploying and managing dense storage a simple task for the resource constrained IT administrator. Simply pull out a drawer to service drives […]

Looking to evaluate SAN Storage, Consider Nexsan

Why Nexsan? Nexsan and Imation Company has been around ~14 years and manufacturers terrific storage solutions. Consider the Nexsan E Series V and their Nexsan NST Series . E Series V High Density Storage Imation’s Nexsan® E-Series SAN storage solutions are ultra dense and super efficient Reduces power use and cost, needs less space, and […]

AssuredSAN 4000 from Dot Hill

Consider the Dot Hill AssuredSAN™ 4000 SAN storage arrays for your storage needs. Offering up to 6400 MB/s sequential reads, and 5300 MB/s sequential writes. Designed with a powerful processor, these SAN storage systems are tuned for sequential workloads. Ideal data storage solutions for high performance computing, oil and gas siesmic data analysis, telecommunications data capture, […]

Can you afford to lose your data?

Unless your systems are protected by some kind of mirroring or high availability system, you’re probably going to lose some data when a disaster strikes. The question is, how much data can you afford to lose? Data loss can be expensive! There are many case studies that speak of companies that have in essence gone […]

Unitrends replaces Symantec Backup Exec more than any other competitor.

       vs         Unitrends offers: Cost Effective Capacity-Based Model & Simple Pricing – No hidden fees and no-limits appliance licensing coupled with flexible UEB software licensing models Lowest Total Cost of Ownership through a broad and cost effective family of all-in-one appliances 12 Granular Physical Appliances Supporting 0.4TB – 50TB Maximum Backup Instant Recovery: Physical On- and Off-Host […]

Unified Storage, Fibre Channel Option

The Nexsan NST2000 by Imation expands the availability of fault-tolerant FASTier™ DRAM caching and Fibre Channel SAN connectivity, and puts them in reach of mid-range businesses Use SSD to increase the cache memory pool so that I/Os are accelerated before they go through the controller to the back-end disk drives. The larger the cache memory […]

Purchase your IBM 3592 Media

  Looking to purchase 3592 Tape Media. We at Sunstar Compay can help you. We purchase 3592 Tape Media! Please call (800) 663-5523 for a quote. Available with and without labels IBM 3592 Tape TotalStorage Enterprise Tape Cartridge – 300 GB   Part No. 18P7534  Provides physical cartridge capacity up to 300GB (up to 900GB […]

Looking for a reliable SAN Manufacturer

If you have a need for a SAN Storage Solution, perhaps there is a need for: Density and /or Performance and /or Future Growth Consider NEXSAN: E-SERIES V :  The Nexsan E-Series V is an ultra-reliable, high-density, high performance, efficient storage array that enables lower storage costs, maximum storage uptime, and data storage ROI boosts for […]

Looking for a Backup Solution?

At some point in time a backup solution will be deployed in all organizations. Sure there is a wide choice of offerings and we are not just talking about disk or tape.  For the most part a number of vendors are required for a backup solution to be deployed. More likely both software and hardware […]

Do we really need Unified Storage?

Unified Storage is RAID storage device that provides consolidated BLOCK and FILE SERVICES services to system clients, physical and virtual servers shared network. Unified storage uses standard file protocols such as CIFS, NFS, FC and iSCSI to allow users and applications to access the data on the common platform. Managing numerous storage systems and platforms […]

Nexan High Density Storage – E60VT

Nexsan E60VT is a super dense RAID array that supports 60 Drives in 4U, choice of controllers, single or dual. Ideal for unstructured data, backup ballooning data growth. Designed with energy conservation in mind. Choice of connectivity:  8GB Fibre 16GB Fibre 10GbE iSCSI 6GB SAS Expansion: Easy with the E60X (Max 2), Supporting a total of […]

Unified Storage Explained?

What is Unified Storage? Often we at Sunstar Company are asked by prospective clients questions such as, “can you tell me the difference between SAN, NAS and Unified Storage?” A simple explanation about Block and File Storage and the different connectivity options often suffice. The looming questions, what about unified?” Unified Storage is a storage system […]

Purchase Online from Sunstar Company

Sunstar Company’s Web Site Has Been Refreshed! Today we added additional content for our customers that have a need for additional hardware and or software that traditionally would be purchased at a higher cost. PURCHASE ONLINE Sometimes there is no need to engage with your Sunstar representative when you know exactly what you want and […]

Nexsan E48VT RAID Array can expand to 864TB in 12U

Do you need fast, reliable storage that can support vast quantity of capacity? The Nexsan E48VT can do just that and more. Add two expansion shelves, now 864TB in 12U. Using active drawer technology the disk drives are easily accessible as are the Dual Active-Active Controllers, Power Supplies and Fans. (We are told that 8TB […]

Simple Method To Share Large Files Over The Internet.

Connected Data set out to create a better and simpler way for consumers, professionals, and small businesses to share, access, and protect their data. A solution that would make sharing with others, no matter where they are located and as simple as accessing files on a computer or mobile device. Many of us have used DropBox. […]

How Safe is Your Data?

Do you know if all your files are in the “backup” or archive? Is there a copy of all your flies at your remote site? What is the health (integrity) of your files at each site? If they are different which one is correct? Imation’s Nexsan Assureon will allow your Data Center Manager to state […]

Next Generation of Unitrends Recovery Appliances

Unitrends Unveils Next-Generation Physical Backup and Recovery Appliances with Tiered Flash Storage BURLINGTON, Mass., Jan. 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Unitrends today unveiled the next generation of its Recovery-Series family of purpose-built backup appliances (PBBAs). With its new portfolio, which includes 11 models that scale from 1 terabyte (TB) to 97 TB of raw storage, Unitrends sets a new standard in backup […]

Data Storage Solutions

Imation’s Nexsan portfolio features solid-state optimized unified hybrid storage systems, secure automated archive solutions and high-density enterprise storage arrays. Nexsan solutions are ideal for mission-critical IT applications such as virtualization, cloud, databases, and collaboration; and energy efficient, high-density storage for backup and archiving By Application Data ProtectionProtecting your company’s data is as important to Imation as […]

Purpose built backup appliance

Purchase the right appliance for your business, turn it on, configure it, and get back to the rest of your life. No more finger pointing when there’s a problem. No more resizing nightmares as your business grows. The Unitrends Recovery Series is a wide range of purpose-built physical backup appliances for enterprise-class virtual, deep virtual, physical protection, and unified compute protection. Offering […]

Imation’s Nexsan Assureon Key Facts

Optimizing data storage requires moving infrequently accessed data from expensive, high-performance primary storage to lower-cost secondary storage. This secondary tier of storage functions as an archive, so IT administrators must ensure that their storage optimization strategy provides the same level of data protection (if not more) that they would expect from their primary storage. Assureon, […]

Disaster Recovery

Ensuring continuity is an important consideration for maintaining a healthy and prosperous business. If recovery is ever required by your organization, you would  expect a simple, fast, and ultra-reliable data disaster recovery solutions. more The process, policies and procedures that are related to preparing for recovery or continuation of technology infrastructure which are vital to an […]

Archive your Data

Offload NAS: Data such as photographs, video, medical records, scanned documents, court evidence, reports, experimental results and email messages do not change. Rather than fill expensive primary storage with this data, and then wasting time and media backing it up repeatedly, it is best offloaded onto a data archiving storage system where it will be better […]

Unitrends Cloud Backup & Recovery

Sunstar Company, Inc is pleased to offer our client Unitrends Cloud. Unitrends Cloud is a disaster recovery and business continuity offering that takes the capabilities of our Recovery-Series and our Unitrends Enterprise Backup backup products and enhances them with our cloud capabilities. It means that you get the recovery and recovery assurance technologies you’ve come to expect from our […]

Nimble Storage CASL Architecture

Nimble Storage’s Adaptive Flash platform is the first storage solution to eliminate the flash performance and capacity tradeoff. The Adaptive Flash platform is based on Nimble’sCASL™ architecture, and InfoSight™, the company’s data sciences-based approach to the storage lifecycle. Flexible scaling of storage resources to satisfy the changing demands of business-critical applications Five times greater performance and capacity […]

Data Storage Equipment Upgrades

If your company’s IT needs have outgrown your current data storage systems, ISC can help you upgrade your equipment. We can also assist you in reconfiguring and re-deploying your old data storage equipment to be used in another company area or location if you’re not ready to decommission it just yet. We can also assist […]

Archive to LTFS

Data is exploding across the digital universe faster than ever before. While new information may need to be preserved for 2 or 20 years, data always needs to be accessible and accurate. StrongBox solves data storage and protection challenges at a low cost while keeping your files fully accessible and simplifying long-term preservation. StrongBox Key Benefits: Reduces […]


NEXSAN NST4000 UNIFIED STORAGE WITH FIBRE OPTION   If you prefer Fibre Channel to other SAN protocols, this scalable storage is built for you. The Nexsan NST4000 by Imation expands the availability of fault-tolerant FASTier™ DRAM caching and Fibre Channel SAN connectivity, and puts them in reach of mid-range businesses The introduction of NST4000 and NestOS 3.1 […]

Why customers choose Nimble

The Nimble platform has been adopted by cloud service providers, and mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies across a wide range of industries. These customers rely on a mix of applications, and run a variety of workloads and then there is their superior customer experience. Nimble believes flash will upend traditional disk-based architectures, and that cloud-based […]

Refurbished IBM 3592 Tape Drives in Generic Table Top Enclosure

So you have a need for a stand alone IBM 3592 tape drive. Sunstar Company, a stocking Value Added Reseller of refurbished IBM 3592 tape drives (IBM models TS1120. TS1130 and TS1140) can support your requirement for a stand alone 3592 tape drive. We understand your needs and we can support your requirements. Now with […]

Media & Entertainment Storage Solutions

Video production and distribution is evolving at a faster pace than ever before. Post-production activities require massive amounts of storage. Editors cut and coordinate raw content from multiple feeds. Staying on top is all about asset management and the ability to scale storage on the fly. To learn more about the storage offerings available to […]

Imation Nexsan NST Hybrid Storage

    Imation’s Nexsan® NST combines high performance, high capacity and innovative FASTier® caching technology to provide scalable performance for mixed application workloads and virtualized environments. Fulfills changing application and storage needs with unified NAS and SAN access capabilities in a single hybrid solution Lets you right-size your initial acquisition by scaling storage, performance, or […]

Digital Imaging

Digital Images are electronic snapshots taken of a scene or scanned from documents, such as photographs, manuscripts, printed texts, and artwork. The digital image is sampled and mapped as a grid of dots or picture elements (pixels). Each pixel is assigned a tonal value (black, white, shades of gray or color), which is represented in […]

Nexsan NST at VMworld Europe

Nexsan™ NST™ hybrid storage appliances combine high performance, high capacity and innovative caching technology to meet mid-sized enterprise application and storage needs OAKDALE, Minn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oct. 10, 2014– Imation (NYSE:IMN), a global data storage and information security company, today announced that it will feature its innovative Nexsan™ storage appliances – including the new NST4000 – at next week’s […]

Drowning in Backup?

Active Archive Is the Lifeboat We all need to protect our data. Businesses typically have to back it up, and there are hundreds of backup solutions out there. Why then, do so many storage administrators say that managing backup data is their biggest challenge? As data continues to grow, content is lodged in backup cycles, […]

Compliance-capable, easily managed, cost-efficient archive solutions do exist.

The Nexsan Assureon line of products is specifically designed for long-term retention and adherence to compliance requirements. Archive File Shares Offload File shares and reduce storage overhead. Take advantage of de-duplication and advanced federated search across File and Exchange servers. Full support for hybrid and dedicated cloud infrastructures to improve cost-efficiency and accessibility. Offload File Servers […]

Nexsan Assureon archive

The Nexsan Assureon™ is an archive system that is ideal for primary storage optimization and the secure long-term retention of files. Assureon offloads data from primary storage to free up space for active data and greatly reduces the size, cost and complexity of backups. Stringent data integrity features like file-fingerprinting ensure the file you save […]

Data Migration

Sunstar Company, Inc can help you with your data extraction, conversion, copying, media transfer. Services Provided: Systems Migration    Duplication:    Disaster Recovery/ Business Continuity    Litigation Discovery Data Migration is the process of moving static or preexisting long-term retention data to a newer technology. This involves the moving of data on specific media one or a combination of disk or […]

Nexsan NST4000

Imation (NYSE:IMN), a global data storage and information security company, today at VMworld® 2014 introduced the NST4000 – a new ultra-efficient hybrid storage appliance purpose-built for media and entertainment and data protection workloads that will deliver Fibre Channel connectivity and new levels of capacity and performance to the mid-range enterprise. The NST4000, the latest addition to Imation’s […]

STK Tape Drives

StorageTek Enterprise available to ship from Sunstar Company, Inc. Also: Sunstar Company repairs most tape drives, however our speciality is LTO, StorageTek and IBM Enterprise Tape drives. StorageTek Tape Drives StorageTek speed- and capacity-optimized tape storage drives enable robust data protection, energy efficiency, and fast data transfer. StorageTek T10000D Tape Drive StorageTek T10000C Tape Drive StorageTek […]

Backup offerings

Backup is usually a routine part of the operation of large businesses, the retrieval of files backed up is called restore. Backup to disk, tape, other media or cloud. The process of copying files or databases so that they will be preserved in case of equipment failure or other catastrophe.  Unitrends : Fast, reliable back up and restoration of […]

Spectra Logic Tape Library

Spectra Logic develops deep storage solutions that solve the problem of long term storage for business and technology professionals dealing with exponential data growth. Dedicated solely to storage innovation for more than 35 years, Spectra Logic’s uncompromising product and customer focus is proven by the largest information users in multiple vertical markets globally. Spectra enables […]

Unitrends RC833

Good news, Sunstar client …… has ordered yet another Unitrends RC833.  What I can assure you is that the Unitrends Recovery Appliance does what the document states, the client is happy as are we. Backup to the Unitrends RC Appliance. To learn more about Unitrends: Contact sales at Sunstarco.com or call 310.330.2900  

Nimble CS300 and CS500

Nimble Storage has released two new hybrid storage arrays, the CS300 and CS500. The new units refresh Nimble’s lower and mid-range offerings, boasting a 50% increase in performance over the CS200 and CS400 models they’re replacing. Like the high-end CS700, the new systems leverage Nimble’s Adaptive Flash technology which allows for independent scaling of capacity and performance. […]

Nimble CS700 Series Arrays and All-Flash Shelf

Nimble Storage (NYSE: NMBL), the flash storage solutions company, is redefining the storage market by enabling enterprises to meet performance and capacity requirements for any workload in virtualized datacenters and cloud environments. Nimble Storage’s Adaptive Flash platform provides the performance of flash-only arrays and the capacity of hybrid arrays with the introduction of the CS700 Series arrays […]

StrongBox Archive

StrongBox is a network attached storage (NAS) appliance that is purpose-built to lower the costs of long-term storage and protection for unstructured, fixed content. By pairing a flexible, policy-driven disk cache with Linear Tape File System (LTFS) technology, StrongBox empowers you to control storage costs without sacrificing data availability. The StrongBox® DataManager is a complementary software […]

Nexsan Assureon

The Nexsan Assureon™ is an archive system that is ideal for primary storage optimization, regulatory and corporate compliance, and the secure, long-term retention of files. Assureon offloads data from primary storage to free up space for active data and greatly reduces the size, cost and complexity of backups. Security features comply with corporate and governmental regulatory requirements including HIPAA, SOX and SEC-17. Stringent data integrity features […]

Unitrend backup and recovery

Unitrends Backup & Disaster Recovery solution for virtual, physical and cloud is a leader in enterprise-level data protection. It is used by IT professionals for backup of their virtual and physical servers and for performing disaster recovery to remote locations, private and public clouds. Unitrends Backup & Recovery solution provides US-based support that boasts a […]

Spectra Logic

Sunstar Company, Inc. effective 2013, will be promoting Spectra Logic’s large-scale, long-term storage and archive solutions. Spectra Logic’s large-scale, long-term storage and archive solutions utilizing automated tape libraries and disk systems will protect your data efficiently and securely. Their products include innovative features, such as our tape libraries with LTO-6 tape drives, integrated data encryption, […]

Overland NEO Series

Overland Storage has taken the complexity out of data management and protection with their trusted NEO Series of tape drives.

Nexsan E-Series V

Nexsan is please to announce the new Nexsan E Series V, 400% more memory and 50% increased CPU speed is now available for purchase

Nexsan Storage Offerings

Imation’s Nexsan SAN storage arrays deliver the smallest footprint with up to 60 disks in 4U of rack space while consuming 85% less power when idle. Enterprise-class reliability and leading cost-per-terabyte optimize the SAN storage infrastructure for backup and recovery, bulk storage and much more for traditional, virtual and cloud environments.  The Nexsan NST-Series delivers a hybrid of solid-state and spinning […]